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This application is a continuation of U. Provisional Application No. Generally, this invention relates to lightning rods and warning systems that provide safety features when used around human beings. A safe lightning rod can be utilized to reduce the danger to humans working near lightning rods. Specifically, this invention relates to a variety of lightning rod components and configurations that have been particularly engineered to perform in relation to human parameters. The primary purpose of lightning rod assemblies is to transmit electrical charges safely to ground and away from the structure on which they are mounted. As a consequence, the top of the unit must be properly sized and shaped to be conducive to a lightning strike and the appropriate materials must be selected to allow for conductivity.

US6649825B2 – Human impalement prevention system – Google Patents

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Air terminals, or lightning rods, are designed to take any lightning bolt that may strike in more modern materials and up-to-date lightning protection techniques.

Related to lightning rod: Lightning Protection. A grounded metal rod placed high on a structure to prevent damage by conducting lightning to the ground. One that attracts criticism, often in such a way that criticism is diverted from something else. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

Guide to Vintage Lightning Rods

Certain weather conditions lead to the buildup of negative charge in the atmosphere and a positive charge on the ground. As those charges grow, they begin to look for a pathway toward each other. Lighting always travels the shortest path it can find, which is why buildings, trees, and other tall objects are its usual contact points. The shape, material, and design of a lighting rod matters, Berggren explains.

Those negatively charged ions want the smoothest possible path to positive ions, so commercial lightning protection technology features pointy rods or radiating metal fingers.

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Lightning-rod salesmen of yore often traveled with machines like this one, which simulated lightning strikes. Illustration: Courtesy of Ferro Weathervanes. Jim Donahue, a third-generation lightning rod installer known as The Lightning Rod Man, tells the story of an itinerant lightning rod salesman who went by the name of Dr. Boom and, paradoxically, drove a black hearse with lightning bolts painted on the side.

Legend has it that the first thing the good doctor did after rolling into town was to round up a team of boys with BB guns and pay them to shot out the rooftop balls to drum up business. If local hooligans whether working as mercenaries or just horsing around have used the glass balls on your vintage lightning rods for BB gun practice, replacements are available from New Old Products , a company that says they have more glass balls than anyone in the country.

Antique Weathervanes and Lightning Rods

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Printed in Benjamin Vaughan, ed. Franklin … London, , pp. Franklin … 2 vols. The following document raises its full share of editorial problems, but none of them greatly affects its substance. The bulk of the paper was unquestionably what Franklin read to the Purfleet committee, and what brought the majority of its members to accept his position.

It was, according to him, what he had read to the committee; and he dated it August When did he actually read his paper to the committee, and in what form? On August 12, the earliest meeting of which we have record, Benjamin Wilson objected to the use of pointed lightning rods at Purfleet. On the 21st the committee met to sign the report, Wilson dissenting; 5 we have no evidence whatever that it met again until December.

How Lightning Works

A lightning rod is an object made of metal that is mounted on top of a building designed to protect it in the event of lightning strike. Also known as a lightning conductor, the object is engineered so that lightning will strike the rod and be conducted through the wire to the ground rather than passing through the building, which could cause a fire or result in electrocution. Although universally made of high-conductive metals such as iron and copper, there are various types of lightning rods, all featuring different designs and thicknesses.

The most common is the round rod, which is simply a cylindrical pole. However, there are twisted rods or those in the shape of a star.

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Lightning rods were originally developed by Benjamin Franklin. A lightning rod is very simple — it’s a pointed metal rod attached to the roof of a building. The rod might be an inch 2 cm in diameter. It connects to a huge piece of copper or aluminum wire that’s also an inch or so in diameter. The wire is connected to a conductive grid buried in the ground nearby.

The purpose of lightning rods is often misunderstood. Many people believe that lightning rods “attract” lightning.

Experiments Supporting the Use of Pointed Lightning Rods, [18?] August 1772

The CTS, which is sometimes called the “Dissipation Array System” DAS uses expensive, exotic multi-point lightning rods, which supposedly can prevent lightning from striking a particular location. The IEEE project, which began in December of , remained inactive during most of its initial four-year term. The decision to terminate the project was made due to the absence of vendor-sponsored tests, which were supposed to establish the validity of the CTS theory. The tests were never circulated to IEEE working group members for their review.

The scientific community of independent lightning experts has also expressed skepticism regarding the CTS concept. A December paper published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society points out that there is no basis in science for claims that an object on the ground can significantly affect the formation and location of lightning strikes.

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Delivering safe and reliable energy to Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. The National Board of Fire Underwriters reports that lightning is the top cause of farm fires. Lightning is also responsible for more than 80 percent of all livestock losses due to accidents and millions of dollars in damage to farm buildings and equipment annually.

A system that protects your family, livestock and farm property from lightning strikes prevents or significantly reduces these dangers. Lightning protection systems should be installed only by qualified individuals who have the necessary credentials and equipment.

A Colorado firm, Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, which manufactures the evidence to-date shows the claims attached to these fancy lightning rods to.

These materials and components are UL-listed and specially manufactured for lightning protection. When a lightning protection grounding network is in place, the strike is intercepted and directed to ground without impact to the structure, occupants or contents. Failure to follow the Standards or use of non-listed materials or methods can result in inadequate protection.

This is a common misconception about lightning protection. Lightning protection is typically less expensive than other building systems and amenities like security, plumbing, generators and specialty lighting fixtures. An LPI-certified specialist can provide helpful pricing information for your project and region. Lightning protection is not a do-it-yourself project. Only experienced and reputable LPI-certified lightning protection contractors should install lightning protection systems.

Design and installation is typically not within the scope of expertise held by homeowners, electricians, general contractors or roofers. Only trained experts, like LPI-certified contractors that specialize in lightning protection, should install these systems. Wood is not conducive material for lightning. In many cases, lightning can side-flash from a tree and hit a nearby structure. In addition, lightning traveling along tree roots can enter a structure by jumping onto nearby telephone, cable and electrical lines, introducing harmful surges.

Lightning can also injure a tree from a direct strike that can cause heavy limbs to split and fall onto a nearby structure.

Benefits Of Lightning Rods

There he paused a moment for breath, and then climbed up the lightning-rod, hand over hand, and gained the roof. It was, therefore, not a lightning-rod at all, inasmuch as it was not grounded. And if the house was struck by lightning, he went out and put up a lightning-rod. I was up stairs in a second, and down the lightning-rod in another one, and shinning through the dark for the lean-to.

Or, the inao is a sort of lightning-rod conductor by which impending mischief may be led harmlessly away.

“Safety Ball Impalement Protection”, Eritech Adverisement, one page no date. “​Safety First Series: Impalement Protection for Lightning Rods”, The Protection.

My physics teacher taught that if a lightning conductor actually did “conduct” a lightning strike then it would have failed in its job. Its job, he taught, was to prevent a strike from ever occurring by dissipating the charge in the atmosphere above the conductor, thereby causing the lightning to strike elsewhere.

Was he correct? If so, there’s not much talk of it in the article, where the emphasis is on the conductor being struck instead of the building. The text says “The patent was granted due to a fault in Franklin’s original theory of operation; the pointed lightning rod actually ionizes the air around itself, rendering the air conductive, which in turn raises the probability of a strike”. In my mind this is nonsense.

Why is it here with no reference? I recommend that we re-write the article stating that there is a dual effect of the lightning rod. One is that it does dissipate the charge from the ground to the atmosphere. This is fact as current can be measured flowing up through the lightning rod to the atmosphere. Any current flow will reduce the potential difference between the ground and charges in the sky thus lessening the probability of a strike.

US3919956A – Lightning protection installation – Google Patents

In the last decades, the technological innovation in the lightning protection matter has revolutionized the sector. Nowadays, we offer lightning protection systems really sophisticated, designed to increase the protection zone. Before going into explaining the technology, its convenient to understand how the lightning rods where created and how they work.

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Installing a Lightning Rod