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There is no simple way to identify the manufacturer of every paperweight that you find. Even excluding glass animals and advertising paperweights, there are an estimated 35 million paperweights in circulation! Hundreds if not thousands of companies or studios have produced at least a few paperweights over the past years, and many are still in circulation. But there are some important clues and techniques to help narrow down the possibilities, and maybe indentify the precise age and maker. Experience helps a lot, but the more you read, the more you talk to other collectors about paperweights, the less difficult it becomes. That said, some paperweights stump everybody! To start with, where did you get the paperweight? From a paperweight dealer, or an antiques dealer?

Antique Glass Paperweights

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Prepare to be mesmerised by miniature worlds encased in perfectly smooth glass spheres with glass paperweights. Similarly, imaginative hand blown paperweight shapes such as coloured red apples, cobalt blue dolphins, or pieces of faceted cut crystal shaped like a giant diamond will have you entranced.

With the vast selection of glass available here on eBay, theres bound to be a glass paperweight for everyone. The French paperweight heyday ran between and and remained the highest watermark for the industry for nearly a century.

Dictionary of Paperweight Signature Canes–Identification and Dating by Andrew H. Dohan Includes separate price guide. Too many internet auction sellers.

Glass Paperweights. An Extraordinary Art Form. Art Elder. Director Glass Paperweight Foundation. The secret is not because of a conspiracy, but because of a simple lack of exposure. This is a real shame, because once people see them, understand how they are made, and their history, they are genuinely fascinated with them. I’ll bet many of you were surprised to find a slide show presentation about paperweights. I’ve never heard of anyone collecting those.

I hope this presentation will help you understand the magical beauty of paperweights, and that you will derive the pleasure from them that I do.

Dating paperweights

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A date, P appears on a cane to one side of the paperweight base. A paperweight has tightly packed multicolored canes. The canes contains designs of.

This article presents an overview of the variety and imagination that was a major part of Paul Ysart’s gift to glass working. A detailed study of the Ysart family and their influence on Scottish glassware is set down in the book “Ysart Glass” now sadly out of print and also in a new book “Scottish Paperweights” by Robert G. From the earliest days of his inspired recreation of an almost lost art form, through to the final production nearly 50 years later, Paul was always at the forefront of technique and design expertise.

His first weights were made in the s and, apart from the war period from to , output continued until his final retirement in Evidence now indicates that Paul Ysart continued to make paperweights during the war period. To what extent, to what quality, and for how long within this period, is not known. But probable examples of output from that time have been included in the section of this article entitled The Main Pictures.

Paul’s father, Salvador who trained in France and Spain , had used millefiori canes in the s as experimental decoration for a cup and bowl. It seems likely, therefore, that Paul learned basic cane techniques from his father. However, Salvador did not initially share Paul’s enthusiasm for paperweights and Paul, being strong-minded and fascinated by French cameo weights, set about producing his own versions without any help.

He re-invented 19th century methods – adding innovations of his own like using cameos from the Woolworth store to make some of his cameo moulds. The example pictured below demonstrates a quality that rivalled the best 19th century makers.


Antique glass paperweights are a beautiful example of glass art from a bygone era. Believe it or not some of these paperweights can command hundreds and even thousands of dollars at auction. As the industrial revolution moved into full swing there was a need for a way to hold down all of the bills, letters, and other papers that littered the desks of the executives of the time.

Numbering use a Caithness system of PREFIX U=Unlimited edition, L=Limited edition, X = Commissioned YEAR Two digit year, after x00 is used ti give.

Melissa Ayotte: Jonquil and blueberries bouquet paperweight. A yellow and white jonquil is surrounded by light pink flowers, blueberries, and green leaves, on a clear ground. Has signature cane and is signed and dated. Limited edition of 25, made exclusively for L. Selman Ltd. Rick Ayotte Red poppy bouquet paperweight. Three large red poppies are surrounded by delicate yellow flowers, blue and white flowers, and stems in various shades of green on a clear ground.

Diameter: 3 “. Rick Ayotte Spring bouquet paperweight. This lovely spring bouquet on clear glass has a rich blue with yellow striped iris, yellow, white, pink and purple crocuses as well as various colored clematises. Baccarat: Gridel series paperweights. Baccarat made a series of 18 limited edition paperweights from called the Gridel Series. All of these paperweights have a large central Gridel silhouette cane, primarily depicting various animals, and these were similar to the antique Gridel silhouette canes found in many of their antique paperweights.

Each paperweight in this modern series contains a complete set of the 18 silhouette canes.

Collecting Guide: 7 things to know about paperweights

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New Additions – Paperweights for Sale. This paperweight was made on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. Venetian glass making dates back centuries and the Venetians are given credit for the earliest millefiori canes and paperweights in s. More recently, paperweight making was revived in the s and again in the s. The bottom is ground flat. No chips, cracks, or scratches found on inspection.

For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links:. The birth of Scottish paperweight making is credited to the glass making family of Salvador Ysart, who moved to Crieff, Scotland in They worked first at John Moncrieff Ltd and made the earliest Scottish paperweights during that period. Strathearn Glass was formed in a reorganization of Vasart glass in The new company was owned by Teachers Whiskey.

The base is fire polished. Some wear on the base, but no other chips, cracks, or scratches.

Closepack Millefiori Paperweight with Commemorative Date Cane

In the Internet paperweight discussion group hosted by L. Selman Ltd. This simple question prompted a very honest and accurate response by Jerry Gard, who has allowed us to reprint it and to archive it here for the benefit of our website visitors. Once I brought through customs in Boston a St. Louis pansy I had bought at the Paris flea market, and the inspector asked me how he could learn how to tell an antique from modern reproductions and this is what I told him, and it still holds true today for you and other beginners.

Get three or four good books that stress identification and read them slowly and thoroughly until you really understand them.

by Jerry Gard. In the Internet paperweight discussion group hosted by L.H. Selman Ltd., a participant recently asked the group a simple question “How do you.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. Dohan Includes separate price guide. Too many internet auction sellers don’t know what they are selling. Become a paperweight expert! Ever wondered who really made that mysterious paperweight you inherited from your great aunt or picked up in the dusty corner of a second-hand store?

This valuable reference has over color close-up illustrations of the signature and date canes used by antique and modern paperweight artists, bead makers and glass factories, plus those canes which might be confused as signature canes or which are fakes. The paperback book has pages, all color illustrations, short biographical and anecdotal sections on each artist and factory with an abundance of interesting information, a comprehensive questionnaire for judging the value of unsigned pieces, a section describing the techniques used to create collectible glass paperweights as well as the signature canes themselves, an extensive bibliography of paperweight books and magazine articles, and an extensive index listing all initial and date canes.

Don’t pass up that valuable find because you don’t know how rare it is! Market conditions, of course, fluctuate.